Meet The Team – Jacin Smith

My name is Jacin Smith. I am originally from the United States and I decided to come to Leeds Beckett to get a masters because I wanted to do something different. Plus, I have never left the country before so I figured no better time to do it than during a pandemic.

I have experience working at every level in sports from the professional level down to the grassroots. I have experience with game day operations, multi media advertising, coaching and social media content creating. Sports has always been apart of my life and I want it to stay apart of my life for the a long time to come.

In the future I want to work for a sports organization to create content for them and help grow their brand. I am currently working on a few different side projects to help grow my portfolio. I also currently have an internship with a social media company that helps grow small sports businesses or organizations. I have been tasked with trying to grow the social media accounts of these organizations by creating engaging content and find people that would potentially be interested in the organizations mission.

My youtube channel is Jacin Smith. Originally I wanted to document my experience out here by doing day in the life vlogs, but my motivation to do them went out the window as soon as the country decided to shut down. Now I do freelance work to build up my portfolio like I mentioned earlier. I am currently editing a podcast for a guy in LA to earn an IMBD Editors create.


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