Meet the Team – Taj

Hi guys, my name is Tajvir Bedesha but commonly known as Taj. I am 23 years old currently studying MSc Strategic Sport Marketing at Leeds Beckett University. My aims and objectives are to run a successful Gym and Fitness business, where my passion for fitness and health has enabled to me reach further heights in the fitness industry. During the Pandemic, I have been studying and practicing my level 3 and 4 Personal training and nutrition, with side courses such as kettlebell training, group cycle and many more functional training workouts. I am in the process of creating my fitness brand TSB fitness, where I am looking to set up the business in Wolverhampton, Dudley and then potentially expanding towards the North.

I would also like to manage or be C.E.O of a sport marketing firm as I would like to enhance my knowledge in the marketing world. With that being said, my interests are playing and watching football, supporting the all mighty Wolverhampton Wanderers. Also, I am a huge boxing fan, following boxers on social and watching all boxing fights on a regular basis, that being from the Heavyweight division to the lightweight division. I also have a passion for playing Esports games such as FIFA, following EA sports on all social platforms for the latest updates and new releases on games.


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