Meet the team – Maria

Hello readers!

My name is Maria, I am 21 years old and currently studying MSc Strategic Sport Marketing in Leeds Beckett University. My interest in sports started ever since I can remember myself, having been a volleyball athlete for 8 years and trying a range of other sports alongside.

My undergraduate degree is in Physical Education and Outdoor Education where I had the opportunity to try even more exciting sports like abseiling, scrambling, mountain biking, canoeing, caving, successfully complete a Via Ferrata and let’s not mention that one time we were camping in Sprinkling Tarn and then woke up only to realise that everything was covered in snow, had no signal to call someone for help and absolutely no idea how to find our way back from 1962ft because all the paths were covered in snow too.

My interest in the sports marketing area though steams mainly from my passion for psychology and creativity. Someone who works in marketing knows how crucial understanding the psychology behind it can be. Knowing how to best market an idea and be creative about it is also key. Therefore, combining my love for sports, brands, marketing and psychology I have decided to study and work in this field. My plans for the future would be to work for a sports company in either the marketing or management section, possibly in a foreign country, and to continue to learn and grow in this field.

I hope you enjoy our team’s posts!



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