Meet the Team- Sam Bailey

I’m Sam, a 21 year old from Manchester currently studying Strategic Sports Management at Leeds Beckett University. Having moved to Leeds at 18 to complete my undergraduate degree in Sport Business Management, I decided that the next logical step giving the current climate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic was to complete an MSc within Sports Marketing in order to 1. make myself more employable and 2. to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of the sport business/marketing industry.

Having been an avid sports fan from and early age specifically Golf and Football I decided that it would be logical for me to combine my passion for sport with my education in order to one day hopefully make my passion my job. I have been very fortunate over the years to travel to many great places to play and volunteer at golf events, these range from development tours in Portugal to volunteering at the BMW PGA Championship as well as The British Open. During my time at University I have played for the University golf team leading the club to the BUCS cup final at Hollinwell golf club in 2018, a landmark achievement for our relatively small team. My aim is for my degree to provide me with the opportunity to work within the sport marketing/business industry preferably within a golf setting which would allow me to travel the world working alongside my passion for sport.


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