Meet the Team – Scott Greenway

Hi, I’m Scott Benjamin Greenway born in Macclefield, just south of Manchester. For some reason my parents let my older brother (3 years old at the time) decide my middle name… ‘Benjamin’. Hence why my social media platforms are @scott_benjamin. I’m 24 years old and currently studying an MSc degree in Strategic Sports Marketing at Leeds Beckett.

I completed BA(Hons) Sport Marketing Degree at Leeds Beckett 2016-2019, from there I took a recuitment job using marketing skills to promote renewable energy in Manchester. This fell through due to the pandemic and so I decided to return to to Leeds and pursue something I am more passionate about.

My love of sport came predominantly through my dad, as I moved to Sweden when I was 6. Skiing was the first sport I learnt and became a big part of my life as we could drive to ski ressorts on the weekend. We only lived there for a year and so when moving back to Macclesfield my main sport became Rugby (Big Sale Sharks fan). Growing up my summers were spent in the Lake District where I learnt to sail, climb and loved down hill mountain biking. On top of this I enjoy BMXing in my spare time. I stopped playing Rugby when I was 19 and focused my attention on Skiing where I competed in Slalom Ski events around the UK for Leeds Beckett however I have always had more of an interest in Freestyle and Big Moutain Skiing.

Throughout this master I hope to gain the marekting skills, experiences and opportunities to one day own a marketing agency for Outdoor/Extreme sports buisnesses and companies globally.


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