Welcome to my Podcasts on the Fitness Industry and how media has changed the way we think about

The Audio Podcast will give you a better understanding how of Body image has been effected for gym consumers in past media usage but also indicate what changes have been made to the ultimately understand how past media has impacted the fitness Industry. However, the audio podcast points out how will the future of media be impacted by future media platforms in a digital age but also identifying Covid-19 as a pace changer within the fitness domain and online consumption. The audio podcast also illustrates how media convergence has changed the constant flow of media performance within fitness.

The YouTube Video podcast analyses how new audiences will impact the fitness industry but also how they become the unmanageable consumer as they will rebel against other fitness groups. This podcast will also identify how “Will new aspects of fitness change newer media in fitness” in the sense of new forms of training, new types of fitness that will be shown on social platforms. Finally, the last argument of the podcast will identify how present media has impacted the way consume fitness but how fitness has changed during the present media status.


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