Analysis of Traditional Media in Football

Media has always been an important part of the growth of sports. Older forms of media were useful to the spread of local sports and helped created a community within the local area. These old forms of media have helped form the current media outlets that we see and use today. This is a podcast examines some of the past media involved in sports and how it has transcended in the current sports world. Media can be understood in the dictionary sense of a means of mass communication, such as newspapers, magazines, or television ( Raney & Bryant, 2017)

How are Female Athletes Viewed in Social Media?

I interviewed a former academy and collegiate soccer player. During the interview we discussed her view on female athletes being portrayed in social media and how it has changed over the years. She discusses some of her personal views regarding the way women are being portrayed, but is optimistic that things are getting better for women in the media spotlight. Advances in digital technologies are taking place within social, political, and economic contexts that are strongly conditioning the course and shape of this communication revolution (Dart, 2014)


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