Youtube Video and Podcast about Social Media, Algorithms, Gender Inequality and how it all connects with sports.

Below you’ll be able to watch my audio podcast about gender inequalities in sports through social media. For this podcast I interviewed a volunteer whose identity will be kept anonymous, for privacy reasons, but feel free to try and answer the questions I am making to the participant on your own time as well.

*Challenge for the day: Be as critical as you can!

Hope you enjoy.

I have also made available a Youtube video for you, where I go into more details about a recent blog post I wrote, talking about new digital/social media, algorithms and sports.

Have you ever wondered how all the above connect?

If so, but struggling to find the answer, I hope my video below helps clear up things for you.

Once again, thanks for watching and I hope today you heard something useful from listening to my podcast and watching my Youtube video.


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