Analysis Of Digital Disruption in Cricket in India

Any digital disruption, when challenges an existing dominant firm & cause systemic effect in the market or industry at that time such innovation with particular effect is commonly known as digital disruption. Wherein it makes sure that it pays special attention to practitioner & researcher (Skog, et al., 2018).

The first disruption in cricket was seen in late 1992 at Durban, when India and South Africa were playing a test match. During the match Jounty Rodes attempted to run out Sachin Tendulkar and unfortunately umpires were unable to take decision. At that time rise of the third umpire was seen in the sport , which used television replays for absolute decision. (Sinha, 2019). As per Rowe & Hutchins (2019) argues that TV was the first medium to bring disruption in any sport. Television is also considered to be a significant disruption in the sport. Television pursued the ability for reaching out in remote areas. This not only helped the sport is gaining popularity but also encouraged young kids to make this sport their profession .E.g.Dhoni (Indian Captain). This medium is currently seen getting disrupted by itself meaning high tech involvement in television is now helping young kids to learn the sport, understand the rules by following commentaries etc. through television (Bhogle, 2016).

The use of analytics in cricket was again one of the major disruptions in the sport. Club committees were seen using data mining tools for selecting players for tournaments. Also it is helping clubs or teams to determine the order of players (AGRAWAL, 2020).

Currently England Cricket Board has decided to digitize each level of their cricket. This could be done with the help of Microsoft’s (GET ON campaign) and its cloud service, analytics and AI would enhance their game at all levels. The ultimate objective from this disruption would be to increase new audience and enhance the game of the team. As per López-González et al.(2017) if such disruptions get implemented then there are chances for new digital rights to arise. As the analytics by Microsoft would be highly focusing on new audiences, in that case they would deal with confidential data. Such cases lead to new rights and duties among the medium.

Current pandemic has led to over-the-top (OTT) as an eye catching strategy in cricket sport. This disruption has shown a significant response from existing as well as new audiences (Qrius, 2020).This success is contributing to expanding their range in terms of location & demography. This medium is seen affecting other media channels like newspapers, hoarding etc.

Australian cricket shares 3rd position in handling social media audiences in its country. This significant disruption is because of the teams/club’s contribution in adapting social media (SHUNT, 2018). Use of Facebook, twitter, YouTube, TikTok and their interactive website has made Australian cricket dominate other mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio etc. As per current statistics 60% of the people are seen following their favourite sport or players and also it states that social media will consistently show growth in targeting audience. This influence will soon dominate other mediums (IISM, 2020). As per literature (López-González, et al., 2017), social media now needs to persistently think about how can content be consumed uniquely and accordingly try to bring innovation. As it has crossed its basic line of success.


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