Analysis Of Present Media Ecology In Cricket

Cricket’s market around the globe is valued at 320 million USD in 2020 and is targeted to be 370million USD by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4-5% during 2021-2025 (Market Research Store, 2020). This shows that how vastly the market is spreading and how important it is to promote the sport significantly so that it shows progressive growth.

Now the era of the internet is seen to spike the market drastically. In my previous blog, I have highlighted traditional mediums like newspaper, radio, hoarding, TV, Sponsorships & magazines. Rise of Internet has evolved the marketing mediums drastically, with reference to it we would now analyze current trends impacting users:

  • Social media– is concerned with communication and collaboration by using mobile/digital tools & web-based technologies mainly featuring in becoming interactive for end-users to modify content, share, discuss & create (Kietzmann, et al., 2011). International Cricket Council (ICC) has created its social media page by including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok link (ICC, n.d.)This medium helps fans to rely on cognizance coming from direct sources. Also social media contests, videos, tweets etc along with popularity develop an interest generation among users. (Choudhury, 2018)
  • Social Commerce– is a unique way of marketing and trading that uses social media & web 2.0 technologies for supporting exchange activities or commercial transactions (Han & Trimi, 2017). England Cricket Board (ECB), Cricket Australia etc. are the examples where they sell their products and keep the fans connected with sports.
  • Online Branding – this medium majorly uses Applications, Blogs, Websites etc. to promote, generate curiosity, information and interest among fans (Verma, 2014).All the cricket clubs are seen to have their websites –to keep their fans updated about their progress, Example: The interactive and attractive Newzeland’s website (New Zealand Cricket Team, n.d.) . Also various bloggers use power of their written communication and designing to create strong image about the sport subconsciously in readers mind.
  • Technological Enhancement –majorly includes artificial noise of audience. Such advancement renders the fans get the exact feel of the stadium by sitting at home (India Today, 2020).Secondly, use high-definition cameras and stump mic posses a live effect among fans. Decision Review System, enables the participants & users to find the game ethical. (Bala, 2017).
  • Digital Billboards-it is considered to be customer attention seeking medium. Its features like easily mobile & changing display content makes it unique. This features helps the marketers to switch to other location if it stops showing significant result and also marketers get a chance to peach users by making the hoarding descriptive(as they can use more than one slide or wallpaper at a time)  (Khan, et al., 2016).Another use of billboard was seen during matches where the score and highlights were shown out of the stadium for fans who were unable to get tickets. (Extreme Media, n.d.)
  • Podcast & Live Shows– These mediums are mainly used for developing network ,expanding reach and contact. (MERVAALA, 2018).Cricket Unfiltered, The Analyst Inside Cricket, Test match special are among the top podcast (Cricket Podcast, n.d.).Its main feature of time shift content (i.e. listeners can listen when they feel like) makes it unique medium.


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