Analysis Of The Relationship {Past and Present} Medium in Cricket in India

After the analysis of past and present media ecology, we can clearly say that there was an evolution in past media. None of the past media got out of the trend rather all the mediums got updated in current media mediums (Rajendran & Thesinghraja, 2014). Like newspaper and magazines shifted from physical to digital platform i.e. websites, apps or blogs, etc. so that they can reach out to readers hand ( N. & Gupta, 2015). Hoardings got updated to movable digital Billboard wherein they could easily shift to other places if they find the response falling (Khan, et al., 2016). Also, because of the changing screens, more content could be used instead of one standard content under this medium. Radios started using  Audio podcasts, Contests, Live Updates, live interview sessions with players and respective stakeholders related to cricket. This medium helped in generating curiosity and interest in the sport and also when it comes to podcasts it helps users to listen whenever they want to (Sallan, et al., 2015). Television media started using artificial sound effects and superior cameras so that they can shoot the event in such a way that the fans could get a feel of stadium . Sponsorship is seen to use social commerce and social media medium along with its old way of the working mechanism. Internet presence and business made the life of producers and users easy and at their fingertips.

During the old days, users use to be familiar with what was shown to them through newspaper, magazine, or radio that to from a single perspective. Wherein this medium has so drastically changed that users now get information or reviews from more than one perspective and through many mediums.

As this entire industry was new in the old days, it was valued as a costly business but now it is very common and easy to adapt (SHERMAN, 2019). Considering the main mediums like newspaper or radio had very little competition and innovation which kept it away from reaching people easily but now the days are gone newspaper apps, social media involvement, audio, and video podcast has now made it easy to reach people.

The only problem with a current medium is that it is easy to adapt and utilize so the genuine producers are seen affecting by nongenuine producers. As they fail to target the expected customer or fan base (Bhayani & Vachhani, 2014).

An event like the Indian Premier League in cricket (IPL – commenced from 2008) itself is highlighted as a modern media ecology strategy in the cricket industry, such events were not introduced in the old era. Every part like auction, branding, ceremony initiation, etc. is presented in such a way that the users get connected and start supporting the event. A wide range of sponsors like dominos,ceat, force, hp, etc. helps in creating a buzz about the event, such strategies were not significantly observed in old days. Behind scenes of players is considered to be the trending media strategy for attracting fans. Such influence was absent in old marketing (Maurya, 2009). Similar tournaments like Caribbean Premier League, Women’s Big Blash League, etc. are among the evolutionary events in the cricket industry to attract more fans.


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