Meet the Team – Benjamin Pearson

Welcome to my WordPress account!

I’m Benjamin, a 23 year old MSc Strategic Sports Marketing student at Leeds Beckett University. I’ve recently graduated with a first class honours in Business Management and Marketing. I’m excited to link my studies with my passion for sport, aiming to develop my skills further to take with me into the sport industry.

Ever since I can remember I’ve played sport, from my first cricket game at 5 years old combined with playing football growing up. I’ve been very lucky that cricket has taken me round the world to places such as Australia, Dubai and South Africa to play and explore. Cricket will be used as the core sport for the content on this blog.

Being a Leeds United season ticket holder has certainly taught me many lessons, patience being the main one!

My passion for sport has filtered into my work, becoming a level 2 cricket coach, if you can call that work! Assisting with the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation through the summer to provide free meals was very rewarding, emphasising the power of sport. My ultimate ambition is to work closely alongside athletes in the representation business as an agent, I’m hoping the skills and knowledge I’ll be acquiring on this course will make the transition into employment a simple one.

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