Meet the Team – Lauren Ellwood

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, I ‘m Lauren and I’m 21 years old. I am currently studying my postgraduate Degree (Full-Time) in Strategic Sports Marketing at Leeds Beckett University having recently completed my Undergraduate Degree in International Business from the same University.

Being Born in Cambridgeshire, I was raised in York having moved up at a young age due to my dad getting transferred bases in the RAF. Hockey plays a huge part in my life being part of the Women’s University 1st team and Leeds Hockey Clubs Women’s 1st team on the weekends leading to a lot of my time being taken up by hockey, where I am currently involved with coaching the juniors of the club due to having my Level 2 Coaching qualification, I enjoy pursuing this due to love seeing the juniors development. Alongside this work I also am a bartender at a Mediterranean restaurant in which multitasking is beneficial due to the fast paced environment. I have experience in PR and marketing through completing an internship with H.U.M.A.N through the legal team.

In the future, I am looking to getting involved in Executive search recruitment having already been offered job roles before accepting my place on the postgraduate course. My opinion over the forthcoming year may change, due to wanting to get more involved in the marketing sector in the sports industry.


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