Meet the team- Jack Prentice

I am 21 and come from a town called King’s Lynn in Norfolk, a county in East Anglia. I’ve recently completed my undergraduate degree at Leeds Beckett University with a first class honours in Sport Business Management, and have decided to expand my field of knowledge to the Strategic Sport Marketing course at a postgraduate level.

With a massive passion for sport, and football in particular, I am looking to discuss and examine the impact of the ever-growing technological environment on sport as a whole, evidenced further by a series of blogs highlighting these changes. I’m a big fan of Manchester United, and up until I started university in 2018 I would regularly attend games whenever possible. I’ve also always participated in playing football, most recently playing for the university football team whilst undertaking my degree, which included fulfilling roles such as team manager and vice captain of the club.

The football industry can be seen as one of the most influential and desirable areas of sport to be a part of, with its continuously growing fan base at an international level, supported by its enormous financial footprint. This is allowing businesses and individuals to capitalise on the sport whilst ensuring that the core product remains the same- the element of entertainment for fans watching and/or participating in football itself.


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