Meet the team – Marcus Storey

Sport has been at the forefront of my life since I can remember. From the days of playing football at after school club at primary school, to completing an Undergraduate in sport and now working towards a Masters in Strategic Sports Marketing, it is fair to say sport has played a huge role in life. What fascinates me about the world of sport is the immortal role it plays within society and the impact sporting events/teams/athletes have on everyday life.

As well as studying the peculiar world of sport, I also participate in sport as I currently in the Leeds Beckett Golf 1st Team and will be competing in the BUCS season this year alongside my studies. Furthermore, I am the Vice President of the team in which I help the rest of the committee run the club from finances to socials, the golf team is a huge part of my University life. Golf is not my only sport as I also play football when I am back home from University competing in the Barnet Sunday League.

Whether individuals are interested in sport or not, the growing power that sport is generating, and has been generating for years, is undeniable. From the days of print media, to the modern era of digital media the marketing of sport has become a billion pound industry. Mass media communications partnered with the peculiar determinants of demand for sport is what businesses use to be able to market their product, whether that be an intangible through a live event or a tangible product such as merchandise, is what has allowed the sport industry to propel its wealth and interest to a global market. Whatsmore, each individual sporting product has its own, unique marketing strategy in order to access the largest audience possible and gain the financial benefits that come with.

The content within my profile will explore the ambiguous and complex world of sports marketing and sport broadcasting that enables the world to consume sport. I look forward to interact with you all through all my content in the near future!


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