Audio Podcast: An Analysis of New Forms of Consuming Football in a New Media Ecology

In this part of the portfolio, we explore the methods of consuming sport, specifically football, in a new media ecology, through an audio podcast. Here, I interview well-known football broadcaster Bryn Law. With a career in broadcasting of 30 years, previously working at Sky Sports, Bryn is now in a freelance capacity covering the streaming of football games, Bryn offers his industry insight in addressing the key questions surrounding a new media ecology. Also, Bryn is very aware of the shifting trends away from traditional media and the convergence of new forms of coverage in football and provides a great insight on this podcast.

Addressed in the audio is the shift in ecology, the influences of globalisation, whilst identifying the key differences in the type of audience that is consuming football. Finally, a key topic in how consumers are able to communicate with each other are outlined and if consumers will consume football regardless of which medium the content is distributed on.

Listen to the Podcast below…

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*Questions Posed to Bryn:

Q: How do you think the media ecology has shifted in football?

Q: Do you think globalisation has influenced a new media ecology?

Q: Are there any key differences in the type of audience consuming football now than the past? Particularly how they can communicate with each other?

Q: Finally, do you think consumers have a preferred medium to consume football, i.e. Sky Sports, or will consume football regardless on any broadcasting channel?


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