AUDIO PODCAST – The Fight for Attention: New Digital Media’s Impact on the Traditional TV Medium and Model for Sports Rights Broadcasting

The third instalment of a 6-part series aiming to explore the historical, current and future symbiosis between sport and media by analysing the media and digital transformations that have developed within the sport industry and sport media ecology.

The global value of sports broadcasting rights generated a revenue of US$48.6bn in 2019, pre-Covid19, highlighting it’s importance as a vital direct source of income for sport properties but also an indirect source for media companies and other related stakeholders within the Sport Media industry.

With sport and media’s symbiotic relationship eluded to in my first post, this comes as no surprise. However, the podcast below discusses how New Digital Media, introduced in my previous post, is disrupting the way we consume sports content as well as the long established model for sports rights broadcasting which traditionally a select few TV networks benefitted from as their established infrastructure and capital presented a high barrier of access for their competition to produce, control and distribute quality sport content. This is certainly not the case anymore with the emergence of online streaming platforms.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments and be sure to give a thumbs up!

My next post will shift the predominant focus to sports properties/rights owners using F1 as a case organisation, exploring how they are embracing a convergence culture while leveraging new media to influence their marketing strategy to attract a Gen-Z audience.


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