Audio Podcast: Fantasy football as a new media platform

Welcome back to the latest part of the series, where things are being presented in a different format today to give you guys a different viewing experience! Today’s episode is an audio podcast hosted by myself, with guest presenter and Leeds United TV host Jack Durkin, who discuss different elements of how fantasy football as been integrated into sporting life as a new media platform. In a different blog in the series I focus more on the future trends of sports consumption, mainly eSports and Virtual Reality. Click the link to see the similarities between the those issues and that of fantasy sports.

Key talking points include the use of current media channels to provide a basis for taking part in the new media platform, alongside the implications to fandom that these highly engaging online platforms have on consumers. There is also a consideration in to the potential negative effects of over-consumption, and how there are links between fantasy football engagement and that of gambling, leading us to question the effects it could have on future generations.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, please feel free to leave any comments below and to check out the next part of the series!

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