Meet the Team – Gregg Johnson

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My name is Gregg Johnson, I’m a 22 year old MSc Strategic Sport Marketing student at Leeds Beckett University. Leeds Beckett University is where I also completed my undergraduate degree in Sport Marketing, in which I achieved a first class honours. I’m looking forward to further exploring the world of marketing in and around sports, with the hope that this will allow me to enter the sports industry in the near future.

Sport has always been the most important part of my life, whether that has been playing or spectating. From my first game at the age of 3, I have watched Nottingham Forest week in week out, travelling home and away. In May, I visited Wembley stadium to see Forest return to the Premier League for the first time in 23 years, so the previous few months has been eye opening to see the difference in what the Premier League can offer, both on the pitch and off it with the sponsorship and marketing opportunities that arise.

University has given me the chance to start my coaching career, with my current coaching role being the first team head coach of Leeds Beckett Women’s Football Club, a job that I am very proud to have. 

My goal is to work in a sports organisation, preferably football, as a social media marketeer. My dissertation subject was on the social media impact on personal branding in women’s football, and this is where I have a passion, helping to develop and market a brand or personal brand in sports. I’m looking forward to this module, as I believe it can help me in reaching my goal.


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