Meet the team – Kaushal S M R

My favourite quote – well… I don’t remember it, but I’m sure I have one. I’m an ardent fan of football; football in India to be particular. I’ve been working in the Indian footballing circuit for the last two years whilst doing my undergrad in Journalism and Mass Communication (BA). I started off as a Sports Content Writer, and then my active participation allowed me to move on to be Content Editor, Asst. Content Manager, Asst. Social Media Manager, and so on, within the same organisation. I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a Social Media Manager for a 2nd tier and another lower-league football club in India during the last two years. This journey also continued to see me working as a talent scout for top-tier footballing outfits in India and as a football player agent. My latest stint was as the Sales & Marketing Scout of an agency that manages footballers wherein my primary role was to get brand endorsement deals for the athletes.

Having fulfilled all of these roles, my interests started inclining towards Social Media Marketing in the field of sports and that’s how I came to be at Leeds Beckett University, studying MSc Strategic Sport Marketing at the age of 22. By passion, I’m a singer-songwriter and have released several songs across different platforms. My hobbies include reading, swimming, working out, and so on. During my school years, I represented my school in national-level tournaments in Table Tennis. So, the sports that generally interest me and I follow are Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, Badminton, UFC, Athletics, and Cricket.

Upon successful completion of my post-grad course, the ideal job that I would like to land would be to be a social media manager of a footballing outfit. That said, I hope you enjoy my content. Cheers!

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