Meet the Team – Sparsh Yadav

Welcome to My WordPress account and Blog!

Hi readers! My name is Sparsh Yadav and I’m 26 years old . I come from New Delhi, India and have an undergraduate degree in Engineering, majoring in Computer Science. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Sports Business Management from Leeds Beckett University.

I’ve been passionate about a lot of different sports from a very young age, playing football since I was 8 years old, with my main position ranging from a goalkeeper to a center forward. Some other sports that intrigue me are F1, MotoGP and NBA. I’m also a big E-sports fan, having always owned a gaming console from the PS2 era. Some of my favorite games to play and watch range from sports games like FIFA23, NBA2K23 to action adventure games like Assassins Creed.

I’m a big supporter of gender equality in sports, and the recent positivity around the perception of women sports other than the acceptable sports (Tennis, Gymnastics) gives me hope for a more balanced future. Most of my blog posts will be based on issues and topics of discussion around eSports, as I’m fascinated by the eSports industry and its potential future. Once I finish my Masters, I’ll be looking to find work in eSports, Football or the Motorsport industry.

Thank you for Reading! Will be posting again soon!


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