Audio Podcast – A game between the Three Lions and the Lionesses beyond the football pitch.

If you join me today after following me through my journey of previous blogs, thank you. If not, please feel free to scroll back and check out previous posts of mine about this topic. The blogs contain an insight to the past relationship between media and broadcasted sports. Current digital media interaction within sport and the relationship with consumers. Present sports broadcasting difference between male and female sports. and lastly, The future role of social media in relations to football.

Within this audio podcast, I want to discuss the media’s response to England’s men’s European final loss to Italy at Euro 2020 compared to the media’s reaction to England’s Lioness European win in the 2022 women’s euros final.

The podcast speaks about previous points made in past blogs and ties them together into the case study. For example how past relationships between the media and sport have founded today’s interpretation of different broadcasted sports. Therefore, we as consumer will naturally inherit the same beliefs as the media’s author unless we actively begin to challenge them. More on the foundations of this topic is discussed within the podcast, but it’s brief overview of how the media’s past within sport may have affected the response after both European finals.

Additionally, the podcast highlights current digital media interaction surrounding women’s sport and the progression that has been made in recent years. However, it also brings attention to the underlying issues that are currently shared throughout different media interaction of male and female sports. Furthermore, this narrative is then angled towards the present sports broadcasting difference in specific attention to male and female football.

After talking about the past, current and present the podcast moves towards a future aspect as predictions are made upon male and female sports and their relationship with the media. With comments made about how female sport is significantly on the rise causing the media’s response to change but highlighting how certain past habits may stick around.

Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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