Audio Podcast – Women’s Football: Has The Rotten Past Led To An Exciting Future?

In this podcast, I am joined by Sheffield United Women’s player Bex Rayner to discuss the past, present and future media ecology in women’s football. Bex gave a great insight into how women’s footballers feel about the past media ecology of the sport, and whether the past gender inequality has motivated the players, clubs, and leagues to make a change. Furthermore, Bex and I spoke about what the future of women’s football could look like, and how future media ecology can shape the growth to smash the glass ceiling.

Addressed in this audio podcast is the how traditional media has helped build a platform for women’s football, as well as how future media ecology sources like eSports and augmented reality can help the future generations, including generation Z and millennials, build a strong brand recognition of players, clubs and leagues.

Check out the YouTube video below, and don’t forget to leave a like and comment!

Here is the link to the previous blog about the past media ecology in female sport, mentioned in the podcast:


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