Meet the Team – Sam Morris

I am 23-year-old male from Leicestershire, and I am currently in my second year of my part-time master’s degree. After studying an undergraduate degree in Sports Business Management at Leeds Beckett I wanted to continue to challenge myself by studying a master’s in Strategic Sports Marketing.

Choosing to study a postgraduate degree will allow for my to improve my field of knowledge within a specific aspect of the sports industry, an industry I currently work in. After completing my degree I began working for Notts Sport. Notts Sport a synthetic sports company based in Leicestershire that help provide world class sports pitches to the likes of England Hockey and others across the globe. Within my first year of the company I began working within the marketing department whilst simultaneously studying my master’s degree. This combination allowed for me to merge my work and education into one.

With a massive passion for sport, and football in particular, I am looking to discuss and examine the impact of the ever-scrutinised gender difference within sport and mainly football. Sport can be seen as one of the influential and desirable industries both from a fan’s angle or sense of employment. The industry has always been popular but with its continuously growing fan base, media attention and financial footprint there is now added pressure on sport becoming a level playing field for male and female competitors.

Across four blogs, I will discuss the past relationship between the media and sport and how old media has formed the foundation for today’s interpretation. Current digital media interaction within sport and the relationship it has with consumers. Present sports broadcasting difference between male and female sports and finally the future role of social media in relations to football.

Within this thread there will also be an audio podcast about the media’s reaction to England’s Lioness Euro 2021 success compared to the media’s reaction after England men’s Euro 2020 final.Beforeconcluding with a video podcast centred around the past, present and future of the Olympic Games.

Please enjoy and feel to engage with each post as much as you like!

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