Meet the team – Tom Painter

Hi there, my name is Tom Painter and I’m a 21 year old masters student at Leeds Beckett University, studying strategic sports marketing. Prior to my masters, I also picked up a degree as an undergraduate at Leeds Beckett University.

Sport and media have both played a huge role for me from an early age, as I have always loved football, and have supported my local Shrewsbury Town for over a decade. From the age of 14 I have been posting football content to social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube & TikTok and have built myself a following over the last 7 years, and am therefore looking for a career path in the sports industry that allows me to showcase my content creation skills.

Since I first attended Leeds Beckett in 2019 I joined the University futsal team, and learnt about a sport that I’d never played before, but suited the way I play football perfectly, and so I became the Club Captain in my third year as an Undergraduate, and Captained the first team to the semi-final of the national cup, on top of coaching the second team to an invincible season, going unbeaten in the league and getting promoted.

Now you know a bit more about me, I hope you can learn something from the four blogs I have created, where I discuss the symbiotic relationship between sport and media, and how media and digital transformations have developed from the past to the present and predicting its future. Furthermore I have posted a video podcast and an audio podcast discussing the topic, which I hope you enjoy.


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