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My name is Tilly Hayes, I recently turned 22 years old, and I have just begun studying for my MScs in Strategic Sports Marketing at Leeds Beckett University where I also studied my undergrad in Sports Business Management. I grew up in a small seaside town called Skegness where I was involved in sports from a young age. My earliest memory was performing in dance recitals and attending dance classes most days after school and on the weekends. Coming from a sport-loving family I was encouraged to participate in multiple sports growing up such as football, netball, kickboxing, hockey, and cricket. I attended sport summer camps throughout the six weeks holiday where I was introduced to new sports such as trampolining, tennis and table tennis.

Growing up surrounded by sports led me to know I wanted a career within the sports industry. At 17 I got a job as a sports coach at Butlins Skegness where I would coach young children and families in multiple sporting activities including high ropes, rock climbing, archery, tennis, football, fencing, precise target shooting and more! By the time it got to me applying for university, I knew I wanted to study a sports degree, but I was torn in which direction to go. One part of me wanted to carry on with coaching and the other half wanted to take the sports business management route.

After a lot of decision-making, I decided to apply for Sports Business Management, as much as I loved coaching, I didn’t feel like it was something I wanted to carry on with for my future. Throughout my undergrad I was able to study many areas of business, throughout my three years, it became evident that I particularly favoured marketing with me finding the modules the most interesting and always performing well in the assignments. This led me to make the decision to carry on my studies to further develop my knowledge in the world of sports marketing. I’m excited to carry on my university journey and learn more about marketing and the different areas that I didn’t get to study in my undergrad. Although I now know that I want to follow the career path of sports marketing, I’m still between the lines of the area of marketing I would like to go into. But I’m excited for the opportunities I will gain whilst completing my master’s such as completing a placement and attending networking events to meet others within the industry. Hopefully, all this will allow me to narrow down and understand where I believe I will fit in the marketing industry in the future.


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