Meet the Team: About the host – Phoebe Lennon

Me, myself and I


I’m Phoebe Lennon, a 21-year-old student at Leeds Beckett University. I am currently completing my postgraduate MSc in Strategic Sport Marketing. I also previously earned a 2:1 in sport business management while completing my undergraduate studies at Leeds Beckett. 

From a young age, sports have been a significant part of my life. Since I could walk, my dad, a personal trainer, has encouraged me to stay active and take part in sports. I participated in both individual and team sports throughout primary school, including swimming, dancing, tennis, cross-country running, football, cricket, rounders, and netball. From a young age I knew that swimming and netball were those in which I wanted to take further. This was evident when transitioning from primary school into secondary school. As during my GCSE year of secondary school, I was selected to be a part of the Republic of Irelands under 17 national netball squad in which led me to be travelling to Dublin numerous times a week.

I played in the squad until my final year of 6th form where I had to prioritise my A level studies. During my experience within the squad, it led me to play in two European tournaments. As a result of this sport led me to gain valuable and lifelong friendships as well in which I enjoyed the social side. Therefore, my interest in sport has always been strong whether it be spectating or participating, leading me to choose a sport orientated career path.

Similarly, beginning my academic studies at university my undergrad degree in Sport Business Management allowed me to find my interests with sport marketing and therefore my decision to undertake a masters within sport marketing is to narrow my focus for my future career path as I am still learning, and I am not 100% on the specific area within marketing that I prefer. I have had a previous experience completing a placement with a gold course in which I undertook a marketing role, and I have the opportunity to do another placement with the same company which alongside my master’s degree will hopefully aid in narrowing down a potential career path for the future.


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