Video Podcast – How Can Digital Media Be Used to Grow Women’s Football?

Following on from my audio podcast, which myself and Sheffield United Women's Bex Rayner discussed the past, present and future media ecology in Women's Football, this video podcast looks further into the future of media ecology in women's football. More specifically, I look to explore digital media and how it can be used as a... Continue Reading →

Audio Podcast – Women’s Football: Has The Rotten Past Led To An Exciting Future?

In this podcast, I am joined by Sheffield United Women's player Bex Rayner to discuss the past, present and future media ecology in women's football. Bex gave a great insight into how women's footballers feel about the past media ecology of the sport, and whether the past gender inequality has motivated the players, clubs, and... Continue Reading →

Are We Turning a Blind Eye to the Impact of Gamblification in eSports?

In my previous blog post, I spoke about how the world of eSports has grown, and continues to grow, to rival other sports. In this blog, I’m keen to explore the gamification and gamblification of eSports, and how this relationship between media and sport has become a strategy for monetisation. Across eSports, many games have... Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and eSports: How Excited Should We Be For the Future of Sport Consumption?

The future world of media is an exciting concept when looking at how sport can be consumed. As of today, there are three main trends that shape the future of sport consumption: eSports, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In my previous blogs, we looked at the history of print media, and the more recent advancement... Continue Reading →

How Has Convergence Culture Affected the Sports World?

In the current sports media, we are observing a time where analogue media and new media are becoming intertwined and are influencing the relationship held between sport and the media. In a previous blog post, we explored how print media has the ability to control the hearts and minds of the public, as they were... Continue Reading →

An Analysis of Past Media Ecology in Women’s Sport

“The mass media has become one of the most powerful institutional forces for shaping values in modern culture” is a quote from Kane (1998, p.88) that describes how influential the media has become in the everyday life of the public. In the history of mass media, newspapers and magazines could control what the population were... Continue Reading →

Meet the Team – Gregg Johnson

Welcome to my WordPress account! My name is Gregg Johnson, I’m a 22 year old MSc Strategic Sport Marketing student at Leeds Beckett University. Leeds Beckett University is where I also completed my undergraduate degree in Sport Marketing, in which I achieved a first class honours. I’m looking forward to further exploring the world of... Continue Reading →

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