Audio Podcast: Fantasy football as a new media platform

Welcome back to the latest part of the series, where things are being presented in a different format today to give you guys a different viewing experience! Today's episode is an audio podcast hosted by myself, with guest presenter and Leeds United TV host Jack Durkin, who discuss different elements of how fantasy football as... Continue Reading →

Video Podcast: The digital audience and participatory culture on sport

The final part of this series provides viewers with a new experience of me presenting a podcast, with the key talking points including the factors associated with the digital audience, and the participatory culture of audiences linking to their impact on sports consumption. The video starts off with an introduction as to the traditional media... Continue Reading →

The future of sports media platforms

Here is the final blog post within the series, I hope you have enjoyed the content so far! Having reached the fourth instalment, it is only right to examine the future of the sporting media environment. This comes from have already looked at both past and present media transformations, along with the disruptions that come... Continue Reading →

Digital disruptions to sport

Having discussed the origins of sports media and the use of current social media channels within my last two blog posts I believe it is important to share my views on the negative impacts and disruptions that digital media has caused to the sports industry. These points will be supported with relevant academic literature throughout... Continue Reading →

Twitter’s social media impact in professional football

The second blog in the series looks to identify the impact and rise of social media and Twitter specifically in the modern world, including the utilisation of how it has become a preferred way of football consumption in recent years. Social media as a concept can be explained as a group of internet applications that... Continue Reading →

The origins of sports media

The first blog within this series will provide an analysis of the original forms of sports media, including the use of print media, radio and television- whilst analysing how the broadcasting environment has changed from its earliest forms. In order to gain full insight into the development and rise of digital technology in sport and... Continue Reading →

Meet the team- Jack Prentice

I am 21 and come from a town called King's Lynn in Norfolk, a county in East Anglia. I've recently completed my undergraduate degree at Leeds Beckett University with a first class honours in Sport Business Management, and have decided to expand my field of knowledge to the Strategic Sport Marketing course at a postgraduate... Continue Reading →

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