Terrestrial Television and Horse Racing

Much of racing’s media coverage is self-contained within the industry, with a daily trade paper, the Racing Post, and two dedicated subscription channels, Sky Sports Racing and Racing TV providing twenty-four hours of racing-focused programming. However, it is broadcasters on free-to-air television that still provide the biggest window for the sport. Racing has also been... Continue Reading →

Analysis of Football Club In-House Media Transformations

https://youtu.be/QZ131QW5GTk I've spent the past three years working within the media and marketing departments of FC Halifax Town. This video discusses how digital transformations have affected in-house club media streams, and the opportunities and challenges it has provided, as well as comparing my experiences to academic literature.

A Podcast about Podcasts in Sport

https://youtu.be/ivYXWIeUecI This audio podcast discusses the growth of podcasts as a media form in the sport industry, drawing upon my experience of creating and consuming podcasts, as well as referring to academic literature on the subject.

Fergal O’Brien – translating social media success to success on the track

Social media has become an important tool for sportspeople to foster positive relationships with fans, with Su et al (2020) stating that “an athlete’s social media profiles are now an inseparable part of their brand.” In horse racing, this is primarily relevant to jockeys and trainers. However, I would consider effective utilisation of social media... Continue Reading →

Twitter Audiences, Dhiraj Murthy; Working in the media

https://twitter.com/LTRacing_ As stated by Lindgren (2017), “the Internet and it’s platforms have evolved during the last 20 years into increasingly social directions.” In my opinion, the most social of the major new media sites is Twitter. Murthy (2018) discussed how Twitter’s design “provoked users to post and respond,” and described this aspect as “the power... Continue Reading →

An analysis of digital transformations in sports gambling

In order to contextualise the scope of the online gambling industry in Britain, recent reports from Statista suggested there were a total of 31.57 million sports betting accounts registered in the UK, with 81.3% of online gamblers partaking in sports betting. McGee (2020) discussed the now intrinsic link between gambling and sport, stating; “gambling has... Continue Reading →

Meet The Team- Lewis Tomlinson

Hi, I'm Lewis Tomlinson 🙂 I work primarily as a freelance writer, content creator and analyst in the horse racing industry, providing race analysis and previews to various websites, including HorseRacing.net and CheltenhamFestival.net, alongside helping clients, including trainers and bloodstock agents, help to identify prime targets ahead of horse sales via pedigree and form analysis.... Continue Reading →

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