Youtube Video and Podcast about Social Media, Algorithms, Gender Inequality and how it all connects with sports.

Below you'll be able to watch my audio podcast about gender inequalities in sports through social media. For this podcast I interviewed a volunteer whose identity will be kept anonymous, for privacy reasons, but feel free to try and answer the questions I am making to the participant on your own time as well. *Challenge... Continue Reading →

Gender inequalities through social media and “GymProof makeup for active women”.

From women not being allowed to run marathons because women are ''too fragile'' to being sexualised in social media, gender inequalities in sports are unfortunately nothing new to our society. In 1967, Kathrine Switzer made more than newspaper headlines by illegally signing herself up for a marathon; something only men were considered able enough to... Continue Reading →

Digital Media – Algorithms and have sports fans lost control of their engagement rate?

Plenty of you might have heard of the term "algorithm" or "storing data" but still be unsure of what it actually means and how it works. Firstly, it is important to mention that algorithms are a recent phenomenon due to the change in media platforms for the past 20 years. Digital media is now part... Continue Reading →

Digital audiences and sports fans

Audiences have long been considered as a collection of receivers, an attentive but passive listener, a spectator in a public setting. They can easily become more specific when looking at the people targeted, the content, time, form of distribution (e.g which T.V channel/ platform) and place. However, no matter the above factors, audiences are mostly... Continue Reading →

Traditional Media Vs New media platforms and Sports

Arguably the very first type of media is what we refer to as "print media", dating back to the 1700s and mainly involved newspapers and magazines. During this period, newspapers were more localised and they were targeting a specific demographic with common characteristics. When it comes to sports, the coverage of traditional media has shaped... Continue Reading →

Meet the team – Maria

Hello readers! My name is Maria, I am 21 years old and currently studying MSc Strategic Sport Marketing in Leeds Beckett University. My interest in sports started ever since I can remember myself, having been a volleyball athlete for 8 years and trying a range of other sports alongside. My undergraduate degree is in Physical... Continue Reading →

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