How has social media changed the athlete-fan relationship?

The development of social media channels has no doubt enabled fans to be closer to their favourite team, athletes and personalities than ever before. However, just how much has social media changed altered the fan-athlete relationship and what are the positive or negative impacts as a result of this? The development of social media has... Continue Reading →

An Analysis of Digital Disruption in Sport

According to the exponential rise of digital media since the 1990s/2000s as a result of Web 1.0 & 2.0 introduction has led to the co-existence, rather than replacement, of new and older media forms. New media refers to any form of media that is interactive, such as online blogs & social media platforms, where two... Continue Reading →

The relationship between Sport and The Media

The mass media in any country play a huge role in creating and shaping the viewpoints and culture of a nation, often reflecting the mood of a particular nation. Until the recently developed digital media, which allows for two way communication, there were more traditional forms of media which only catered for one-way communication. These... Continue Reading →

How has Digital Media changed advertising in major events like the Super Bowl?

The NFL's Super Bowl is one of the most watched single mega events in the world providing global companies with the opportunity to reach a global audience with their latest digital campaigns. According to SportsMedia Watch, the last 10 Super Bowls have been the 10 most watched Super Bowls with viewership audiences often reaching more... Continue Reading →

Meet The Team – Owyn

Name - Owyn Tong-Jones Age - 22 About Me I am currently a postgraduate student athlete at Leeds Beckett University studying Strategic Sport Marketing. Alongside my studies I am working for the Barmy Army as a Digital Marketing Executive as well as continuing my athletic pursuit to become a professional cricketer. Outside of my studies... Continue Reading →

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