How new digital platforms saw the rise of fantasy leagues and eSports

In the video below, we discuss how new digital platforms came to prominence within today's society largely due to the emergence of web 2.0, and how from this, sports organisations have begun to implement their own sport consumption platforms in the form of fantasy leagues and eSports. Thank you all for following the series, If... Continue Reading →

How new sport consumption trends saw the emergence of GolfTV

Within the podcast below, I discussed how advancements in digital technology has begun to shift our sport consumption patterns, and how this has resulted in an abundance of online streaming platforms to emerge within sport, paying particular focus on the Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming platform GolfTV. ★★

An introduction to the history of Sport Media Ecology and the influence this had on the sport of Golf

Before we can analyse the past media ecology within golf, we first must understand what is media ecology? The term was first proposed by Marshall McLuhan in 1964, with Postman affirming that media ecology is "the study of media as environments". These 'environments' have the ability to affect and influence the people who use them.... Continue Reading →

An analysis of Present Media Ecology within the sport of Golf

In my previous blog post, we identified what media ecology is, and the impact it has on the people who operate within these 'environments'. More specifically, the blog delved into the realm of sport and how the mass media and sport formed a symbiotic relationship over time and the impact this had on sport; specifically... Continue Reading →

An analysis of Digital Disruption and how this has influenced the Golf industry

In our first blog within this series, we identified how past media ecology attached itself sport, specifically golf, and the implications these mediums had on the development of the sport and how this aided in the promotion of hegemonic masculinity. Our next blog then looked into the present media ecology in sport and how the... Continue Reading →

How has Convergence Culture influenced the PGA Tour’s decision making?

This will be our final blog post within our sport media ecology series, this series was created with the aim of educating individuals on what media ecology is and how it has evolved over the years transcending the way in which we all consume sport today. Within this blog we will discuss Convergence Culture, beginning... Continue Reading →

Meet the Team- Sam Bailey

I'm Sam, a 21 year old from Manchester currently studying Strategic Sports Management at Leeds Beckett University. Having moved to Leeds at 18 to complete my undergraduate degree in Sport Business Management, I decided that the next logical step giving the current climate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic was to complete an MSc within Sports Marketing... Continue Reading →

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