“The Intersection of Media and Sport: Exploring the Impact of the Media on the Evolution of Sport”

The word media is a plural form of the Latin word 'medium'. The word "medium" refers to the midway or the process of mediating. In our situation, information exchange between two or more people or entities, the media source and the consumer (Petersen-Wagner, 2020). Football has a long history with media, but the introduction of new... Continue Reading →

(6)Is YouTube Boxing Taking Over?

https://youtu.be/9qYstDQtPSU In entry 6, join me to discuss why I believe YouTube boxing will take over and how the other 5 entries have led us to this point! Many thanks for being on this journey with me and I appreciate you taking the time out to look at all 6 blog entries!

(5)The storytelling of YouTube Boxing!

https://youtu.be/WmBxfoUYrtU For the 5th entry of this series, we're taking it to YouTube with an audio podcast about the storytelling aspect that YouTube boxing brings to the sporting World! Before listening make sure you have read my previous blog entries to catch up, thanks, guys!

(4)Is YouTube now a part of sport???

Sports have been a part of human life since the beginning of time. From the ancient Greek Olympics to the modern-day Super Bowl, sports have been a source of entertainment, competition, and community for millions of people around the world. With the rise of the internet and social media, sports have taken on a new... Continue Reading →

Sport media ecology series 3: Social media’s new wave of audiences

Social media's new wave of audiences Moving on from last week’s blog on current vs past media in the sporting industry. In today’s blog we will be discussing new audiences, that the digital media transformations such as social media have allowed access to.  Firstly, within the sport media ecology according to McQuail and Deuze (2020)... Continue Reading →

Video Podcast – Sports Marketing: An Analysis of the Past, the Present and the Future

This video analyses the early stages of Sports Marketing, dwelling into the present stages and how media consumption plays a part in helping Sports Marketing burgeon, and addresses the possibilities that this field will witness in the future. https://youtu.be/_tl5RdoyhSU

Influencer Marketing & The Impact of TikTok on the Sport Industry | Painter Pod ft Cam Corp

By Thomas Painter Hi guys welcome back to another episode of the Painter Pod! Today we're joined by Cam Corp to discuss the use of athletes and influencer marketing when promoting a product or service, and the impact that new digital media platforms such as TikTok have on other forms of media and the sport... Continue Reading →

Health amongst eSports athletes

Video games and competitive gaming, known as eSports, is a competition where two or more human players compete with a defined set of rules and are becoming increasingly popular as a recreational activity in society. The industry is on the rise, with an estimated 1.1 billion viewers watching professional eSports activities in 2020. ESport events... Continue Reading →

Media’s relationship with Digital Sport

This blog provides a special video podcast analysing the media's relationship with Digital sport in the context of FantasySport and Esport whilst discussing the relationship between the two and the symbiotic relationship between sport and media. https://youtu.be/gIDmCCIqloM Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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