“From Arsenal’s First Televised Match to Modern Day Billion £ Football Broadcasting: The History of English Football on the Screen”

Football has been a popular sport in the United Kingdom for decades, and its popularity has only grown with the emergence of televised games. In the early days, the only way to watch football was to attend the games in person, but this changed with the introduction of television in the 1930s. Televised football in... Continue Reading →

Sport Docuseries Podcast

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog! Today we have a very special instalment that includes a audio podcast regarding the industry of sport docuseries! Click the link below to enjoy! https://youtu.be/46iHlo2rJ74 So what do you think about today's blog post? Let me know if you have watched any of the docuseries listed in... Continue Reading →

(5)The storytelling of YouTube Boxing!

https://youtu.be/WmBxfoUYrtU For the 5th entry of this series, we're taking it to YouTube with an audio podcast about the storytelling aspect that YouTube boxing brings to the sporting World! Before listening make sure you have read my previous blog entries to catch up, thanks, guys!

(4)Is YouTube now a part of sport???

Sports have been a part of human life since the beginning of time. From the ancient Greek Olympics to the modern-day Super Bowl, sports have been a source of entertainment, competition, and community for millions of people around the world. With the rise of the internet and social media, sports have taken on a new... Continue Reading →

(3)No better story than sport! Why do people want to replicate it?

Sports provide a unique story-telling aspect that television cannot replicate. On a global level, sports are a medium for spectators to share their collective experiences of the same event. Fans of sports teams, whether it be in person at a stadium, or watching at home, come together in a shared admiration of the game. Experiencing... Continue Reading →

Sport media ecology series 2: Past VS Current

Past VS Current In this previous blog, the history of mass media, along with the beginning of its relationship with sport was discussed. However, in this next blog of the series the rise of digital media will be the main focus when looking to understand the current media environment and how it connects with sport.... Continue Reading →

Hashtag United Failure, Leeds Utd & is YouTube Bigger than Sky Sports? | Painter Pod ft Jack Durkin

By Thomas Painter Hi guys welcome back to another episode of the Painter Pod! Today we're joined by Jack Durkin who talks to us about his time at Hashtag United, and how the opportunity came about, as well as how it helped him land a job as a presenter for Leeds United. This episode also... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Old to New Media

In this first blog we begin to look into the origin of old media and how this developed into the new mass-media we know in today's society. In order to discuss and analyse the symbiotic relationship between sport and media and sport media ecology, we must first look to understand media ecology itself. The evolution... Continue Reading →

Audio Podcast – New Sport Media Ecology

In this audio podcast, i discuss the vast array of ways that sports fans now consume sport through digital media, amplifying the relationship that sport has with mass media! The current digital sport media ecology has meant audiences now receive messages and content in different ways, while simultaneously engaging and consuming sport. Check out what... Continue Reading →

TikTok – Are keeping up with trends damaging a football club’s image?

The evolution of social media has been significant to businesses across the world, playing an important role in the marketing strategy of advertising their product/service to the online masses and this has been no different for sports teams across the world. TikTok is excellent for cross-platform sharing, even if you don’t have the app you... Continue Reading →

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