Do football fans like VAR?

The digital transformations to football did not take place only in terms of media and the consumption of sport through the different social media platforms - or it evolving to the sport metaverse; but also to football itself. During the last years professional football saw the introduction of the video assistant referee (VAR), especially making... Continue Reading →

Does Apple have plans for a metaverse? It might involve Apple TV+ and sport

During Apple's first fiscal quarter earnings call, Tim Cook was asked about Apple's plans for the metaverse by a Morgan Stanley analyst and Cook's reply focused solely on ARKit and all the different apps available on the App Store that benefit from those technological affordances. In a way, Cook's vision for an Apple Metaverse lies... Continue Reading →

I bet you a skin! The growing concern over the gamification and gamblification of eSports

Welcome to my last blog post of my digital media transformation series in which I will continuing on my last audio podcast and be discussing the convergence of eSports and betting. Along with this, I will be discussing the implications this convergence has already had on sport consumption and the impact it will have on... Continue Reading →

Video Podcast- An Analysis of the Impact Social Media has had on Sport

This podcast focuses on and discusses how social media has affected sport in both positive and negative ways. A topic of conversation within the podcast is how sports teams and organisations use social media to improve their fan engagement. Furthermore, how athletes use their social media for their own personal benefit is talked about within... Continue Reading →

Video Podcast: An Analysis of the Past Relationship of Analogue Media

Welcome to the first podcast element of the Media and Digital Transformation portfolio. Here, I analyse the topic of analogue media within sport. Identifying the origins of traditional media formats allows a comparison to be made in the portfolio with the new forms of consuming sport. Providing an all round picture of the digital media... Continue Reading →

How Pay-Television rescued Rugby League Broadcasting in France and the UK

This podcast discusses the state of Rugby League broadcasting when free-to-air channels lost their monopoly with the rise of pay-tv media, how Rugby League broadcasting has evolved from the beginning of my career until now. If you enjoyed the episode leave your views on the topic in the comment section and you van find... Continue Reading →

Who is to blame for content inequality within sport media?

The past blogs in this series have analysed the evolution of media types over the past decades, and how they’re using sport to increase fan engagement, but it is now important to dissect what type of content they are delivering. As we all know, media is one of the biggest forms of communication within our... Continue Reading →

Audio Podcast: An Analysis of New Forms of Consuming Football in a New Media Ecology

In this part of the portfolio, we explore the methods of consuming sport, specifically football, in a new media ecology, through an audio podcast. Here, I interview well-known football broadcaster Bryn Law. With a career in broadcasting of 30 years, previously working at Sky Sports, Bryn is now in a freelance capacity covering the streaming... Continue Reading →

An Analysis of Past Media Ecology in Cricket

Traditional media outlets such as radio and television were the first to enter the cricket broadcasting world, with the later being quite common in Australia from 1926, becoming a common feature alongside Australian domestic matches. It's key to understand past media first before we can explore the sport digital transformation further in blog posts. The... Continue Reading →

The Digital Society: The rise of “new” forms of Media within the present Sport Media Ecology

This is the second instalment of a 6-part series aiming to explore the historical, current and future symbiosis between sport and media by analysing the media and digital transformations that have developed within the sport industry and sport media ecology.

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