(5)The storytelling of YouTube Boxing!

https://youtu.be/WmBxfoUYrtU For the 5th entry of this series, we're taking it to YouTube with an audio podcast about the storytelling aspect that YouTube boxing brings to the sporting World! Before listening make sure you have read my previous blog entries to catch up, thanks, guys!

Health amongst eSports athletes

Video games and competitive gaming, known as eSports, is a competition where two or more human players compete with a defined set of rules and are becoming increasingly popular as a recreational activity in society. The industry is on the rise, with an estimated 1.1 billion viewers watching professional eSports activities in 2020. ESport events... Continue Reading →

Media’s relationship with Digital Sport

This blog provides a special video podcast analysing the media's relationship with Digital sport in the context of FantasySport and Esport whilst discussing the relationship between the two and the symbiotic relationship between sport and media. https://youtu.be/gIDmCCIqloM Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

The Rise of Formula One E-sports

https://youtu.be/cTgtkFmZyEc Here we begin to look into the rise of the Formula One esports series to further understand the digital transformation of the sports ecology. Unravelling how Formula One has utilised penetrating the world of e-sports within the social media that we saw happen in 2017. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment on... Continue Reading →

Has Media influenced modern day sport consumption?

In this third blog the question is asked as to whether sport consumption has been impacted as a result of changes in media. Are people more likely to consume digitally due to the globalisation of broadcasting and social media? Within today’s society, the concept of globalisation seems to fit perfectly with the up and coming... Continue Reading →

Video – How Sport and Fashion have formed a relationship to create a new sports culture through traditional and digital media

Continuing my series on the symbiotic relationship between sport and mass media, i have posted a video to YouTube! i have a big interest in both sport and fashion and have gained a huge interest in how these worlds have collided in recent years. In the video i discuss the importance that both traditional and... Continue Reading →

What next for the future of sports consumption?  

The future of the symbiotic relationship between sport and media is difficult to predict with the ever evolving digital transformations that are occurring. As technology develops and consumer habits inevitably change, so will how we consume sport through media. In this post I will discuss potential changes that we may see in the near future... Continue Reading →

Video Podcast – The power of media upon the Past, Present and Future of the Olympic Games.

Welcome back to the latest part of the series, where things are being presented in a different format today to give you guys a different viewing experience! Today’s episode is an video podcast hosted by myself. The video podcast will be centered around the past, present and future of the Olympic Games and highlighting the media's power... Continue Reading →

Current digital media interaction within sport and the relationship with consumers.

The way we consume sport has changed massively since the 17th century. As generations have passed, more people have grown up with technology, creating a movement away from traditional media. Even though newspapers are still around today and are still a prolific way for a specific demographic to consume media, for most of us we... Continue Reading →

Implications of the growth of women’s football (6)

This is the sixth and FINAL episode post in this blog series. A video podcast for you, discussing the potential future implications that women's football will face, and suggestions of how to optimise the future using trends from the men's game. I really hope you have enjoyed the content produced on my page! Thanks again... Continue Reading →

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