“The Evolution of Radio Broadcasting in English Football: A Century of History”

The history of radio broadcast and English football is an interesting one, spanning over a century of technological advances and developments. From the first radio broadcast of an English football match in 1927, to the modern day Premier League broadcasts that reach millions of viewers every week, radio has been an integral part of the... Continue Reading →

“From Arsenal’s First Televised Match to Modern Day Billion £ Football Broadcasting: The History of English Football on the Screen”

Football has been a popular sport in the United Kingdom for decades, and its popularity has only grown with the emergence of televised games. In the early days, the only way to watch football was to attend the games in person, but this changed with the introduction of television in the 1930s. Televised football in... Continue Reading →

The History …. or shall we say decline … of print media in sport

The relationship between football newspaper articles and broadcast media has a long and complex history. Newspapers were the primary source of coverage for football in the early days, providing detailed game reviews, recaps as well as other stories related to the game. As the game of football had grown in popularity, newspapers began to expand... Continue Reading →

“The Intersection of Media and Sport: Exploring the Impact of the Media on the Evolution of Sport”

The word media is a plural form of the Latin word 'medium'. The word "medium" refers to the midway or the process of mediating. In our situation, information exchange between two or more people or entities, the media source and the consumer (Petersen-Wagner, 2020). Football has a long history with media, but the introduction of new... Continue Reading →

(3)No better story than sport! Why do people want to replicate it?

Sports provide a unique story-telling aspect that television cannot replicate. On a global level, sports are a medium for spectators to share their collective experiences of the same event. Fans of sports teams, whether it be in person at a stadium, or watching at home, come together in a shared admiration of the game. Experiencing... Continue Reading →

(2)New Media? We use that!

The rise of new media in sport has transformed the way professional and amateur athletes engage with their fans and followers. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat enable athletes to interact with their followers more directly and on a more personal basis (Ruggles, 2016). This has allowed athletes to build a strong... Continue Reading →

(1) Old media? What’s that?

As technology advances and the world moves further into the 21st century, traditional forms of media in sports have become less and less relevant. Whether it be newspapers, radio, or television, these 'old media' platforms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the rise of digital media, the way in which we consume... Continue Reading →

Sport media ecology series 2: Past VS Current

Past VS Current In this previous blog, the history of mass media, along with the beginning of its relationship with sport was discussed. However, in this next blog of the series the rise of digital media will be the main focus when looking to understand the current media environment and how it connects with sport.... Continue Reading →

Sport media ecology series 1: Where it all began

Where it all began... This is the first blog of a six-part series in which will have a running theme relating back to the symbiotic relationship between sport and the media. This series will also be discussing the transformations in the industry and sport landscape due to the rise of digital media. Within the late... Continue Reading →

Audio Podcast: Origins of eSports

eSports competitions have been gaining momentum in recent times. Games like Dota 2 and League of Legends are building a fanbase worldwide, with millions tuning into their eSports championships. The audio podcast recorded by Sparsh and Shawn talks about the origins of eSports, with podcasters sharing their early experiences with games like FIFA (football game)... Continue Reading →

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