Meet the Team – Gregg Johnson

Welcome to my WordPress account! My name is Gregg Johnson, I’m a 22 year old MSc Strategic Sport Marketing student at Leeds Beckett University. Leeds Beckett University is where I also completed my undergraduate degree in Sport Marketing, in which I achieved a first class honours. I’m looking forward to further exploring the world of... Continue Reading →

How has social media changed the athlete-fan relationship?

The development of social media channels has no doubt enabled fans to be closer to their favourite team, athletes and personalities than ever before. However, just how much has social media changed altered the fan-athlete relationship and what are the positive or negative impacts as a result of this? The development of social media has... Continue Reading →

Meet the team – Maria

Hello readers! My name is Maria, I am 21 years old and currently studying MSc Strategic Sport Marketing in Leeds Beckett University. My interest in sports started ever since I can remember myself, having been a volleyball athlete for 8 years and trying a range of other sports alongside. My undergraduate degree is in Physical... Continue Reading →

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