VR eSports: a look into the future of competitive gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) eSports is a combination of competitive multiplayer gaming using the physical movements of VR technology. VR eSports has started to emerge as a new market due to the rise of the eSports industry and the affordability of consumer-level VR technologies. ESport games are very competitive, with players motivated by different aspects of... Continue Reading →

How Over-the-Top (OTT) has disrupted the sports broadcasting landscape

Kevin Larroyer / January 12, 2022 This video podcast discusses the shifting and disruptions of the sports broadcasting landscape from the pay-television towards OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms at this stage of my career also, how Rugby League adapts to Gen Z and Millennial consumption changing behaviours. https://youtu.be/8X0fJ5grCFk Do you prefer pay-tv or OTT to watch sports?... Continue Reading →

The Future of Sports Broadcasting: How Social Media will complement TV broadcasting

Kevin Larroyer / January 2, 2022 The Future of Sports Broadcasting As discussed in the video podcast, sports fans are moving fast away from traditional cable cords and shifting towards OTT platforms (Perez, 2018). 63% of sports fans say they would be prepared to pay more than £10 per month for OTT platforms that broadcast... Continue Reading →

How Pay-Television rescued Rugby League Broadcasting in France and the UK

This podcast discusses the state of Rugby League broadcasting when free-to-air channels lost their monopoly with the rise of pay-tv media, how Rugby League broadcasting has evolved from the beginning of my career until now. https://youtu.be/hhxAJ-kMDLw If you enjoyed the episode leave your views on the topic in the comment section and you van find... Continue Reading →

An Analysis of Past Media Ecology in Cricket

Traditional media outlets such as radio and television were the first to enter the cricket broadcasting world, with the later being quite common in Australia from 1926, becoming a common feature alongside Australian domestic matches. It's key to understand past media first before we can explore the sport digital transformation further in blog posts. The... Continue Reading →

Digital Disruption and the European Super League in Football

Sunday night was unveiled that twelve powerful football clubs across Europe – six of them from the English Premier League {Liverpool; Manchester City…Digital Disruption and the European Super League in Football

Football and TV: an unbreakable relationship?

The third blog of this series features a very special video, where i outline and analyse the relationship between football and TV.

The Digital Revolution: Is it a Disruption or an Augmentation of the Sports Industry?

The fourth blog of this series investigates the damage of the digital revolution on the sports industry, however it will highlight all the positives as to why we're moving in that direction.

Has the Rise of New Mediums in Premier League Football Coverage Caused the Decline of Radio?

Many questions have been asked regarding the longevity of radio in the current media ecology, this is partially due to the rise of, in many opinions, more superior mediums of sports coverage as we move more increasingly digital as the advancement of technology continues to increase. It is more than fair to say that the... Continue Reading →

Convergence Culture in Media Content Surrounding Premier League Football

The circulation of media content of the Premier League throughout the world is heavily dependant on the active participation of the consumer. The rise of Web 2.0 and user-generated content has allowed for the convergence of traditional mediums to integrate into digital platforms for media content, in a previous blog, 'Has the Rise of New... Continue Reading →

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