eSports and Women: Why women are underrepresented in the gaming industry

At the beginning of this century, the eSports industry was not yet a significant player, although it already existed as a niche of video and computer games. The importance and interest only began to increase with the rise of the internet and its infrastructure. Especially among the younger generation, eSports today have a significant meaning.... Continue Reading →

Video Podcast – New Digital Media and Gender Inequality in Sport.

This podcast, focuses on and discusses new digital media and gender inequality in sport. A topic of conversation within the podcast discusses how the history of gender inequality has developed, and how sports organisations have utilised social media to increase consumer engagement. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

Who is to blame for content inequality within sport media?

The past blogs in this series have analysed the evolution of media types over the past decades, and how they’re using sport to increase fan engagement, but it is now important to dissect what type of content they are delivering. As we all know, media is one of the biggest forms of communication within our... Continue Reading →

Gender inequalities through social media and “GymProof makeup for active women”.

From women not being allowed to run marathons because women are ''too fragile'' to being sexualised in social media, gender inequalities in sports are unfortunately nothing new to our society. In 1967, Kathrine Switzer made more than newspaper headlines by illegally signing herself up for a marathon; something only men were considered able enough to... Continue Reading →

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