Analysis Of Present Media Ecology In Cricket

Cricket’s market around the globe is valued at 320 million USD in 2020 and is targeted to be 370million USD by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4-5% during 2021-2025 (Market Research Store, 2020). This shows that how vastly the market is spreading and how important it is to promote the sport significantly so... Continue Reading →

Analysis Of Digital Disruption in Cricket in India

Any digital disruption, when challenges an existing dominant firm & cause systemic effect in the market or industry at that time such innovation with particular effect is commonly known as digital disruption. Wherein it makes sure that it pays special attention to practitioner & researcher (Skog, et al., 2018). The first disruption in cricket was... Continue Reading →

Analysing the New Platforms in a Newer Fitness Media Ecology

Over the years, new social platforms have dictated the fitness industry by the way we think about workouts, products and even nutritional advise. There has been some very good information on how to use correct form when bench pressing for example and there has also some (lets just say) terrible and ridiculous information on workouts... Continue Reading →

Digital Sports Marketing, Twitter, and Le Tour de France 2020

As part of the Digital Media for International Marketing module I am leading this coming academic year on the BA(Hons) Sport Marketing course, I will…Digital Sports Marketing, Twitter, and Le Tour de France 2020

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