Analysis Of Digital Disruption in Cricket in India

Any digital disruption, when challenges an existing dominant firm & cause systemic effect in the market or industry at that time such innovation with particular effect is commonly known as digital disruption. Wherein it makes sure that it pays special attention to practitioner & researcher (Skog, et al., 2018). The first disruption in cricket was... Continue Reading →

Digital Disruption and the European Super League in Football

Sunday night was unveiled that twelve powerful football clubs across Europe – six of them from the English Premier League {Liverpool; Manchester City…Digital Disruption and the European Super League in Football

An Analysis of Digital Disruption in Sport

According to the exponential rise of digital media since the 1990s/2000s as a result of Web 1.0 & 2.0 introduction has led to the co-existence, rather than replacement, of new and older media forms. New media refers to any form of media that is interactive, such as online blogs & social media platforms, where two... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Podcasts on the Fitness Industry and how media has changed the way we think about

The Audio Podcast will give you a better understanding how of Body image has been effected for gym consumers in past media usage but also indicate what changes have been made to the ultimately understand how past media has impacted the fitness Industry. However, the audio podcast points out how will the future of media... Continue Reading →

Analysing the New Platforms in a Newer Fitness Media Ecology

Over the years, new social platforms have dictated the fitness industry by the way we think about workouts, products and even nutritional advise. There has been some very good information on how to use correct form when bench pressing for example and there has also some (lets just say) terrible and ridiculous information on workouts... Continue Reading →

How will new forms of Consuming change the Fitness Industry?

Ah another day, another question. The hot topic of the day is "How will new forms of consuming benefit the fitness industry?". So before we begin, the fitness industry has kept consumers on their toes for the last two decades with new equipment, fitness clothing apparel and many other features. This in return has lead... Continue Reading →

Spreadable Media in the Fitness Industry

So here we are again! Last time round, I spoke about how 'Will Digital Disruptions impact the Fitness?' (Click the link to find out more about that!) But today I will be discussing the spreadability of the media in the fitness industry. Before I begin, let's take a look at what spreadable media actually is.... Continue Reading →

Will Digital Disruptions impact the Fitness Industry?

Many questions have been asked whether digital disruptions will change the way we think about the fitness industry and the concept of how fitness training will be used in a digital media age. Before I continue to evaluate the impact of digital disruptions in the fitness industry, it is only fitting to apply the theory... Continue Reading →

Meet the Team – Scott Greenway

Hi, I'm Scott Benjamin Greenway born in Macclefield, just south of Manchester. For some reason my parents let my older brother (3 years old at the time) decide my middle name... 'Benjamin'. Hence why my social media platforms are @scott_benjamin. I'm 24 years old and currently studying an MSc degree in Strategic Sports Marketing at... Continue Reading →

Meet the Team – Rachel Hatley

Hi! My name is Rachel Hatley, I am 21 years old and currently undertaking my postgraduate MSc degree in Sports Marketing. I come from Nottingham, in the UK, where I was introduced to sport at a very young age. At the age of 3 I was a very keen ballet dancer, I even started competing... Continue Reading →

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