PAST Media Ecology of women’s football (3)

So now we have established what media ecology is, it is time to discuss what the image of media ecology in the history of women's football used to look like. As discussed in blog post 1, the first ever recorded game of women's football was recorded in 1895 (, N.D.). However, it was not until... Continue Reading →

Audio Podcast – Sports and Media: an analysis of the Past, the Present and the Future

This podcast analyses the past, the present, and the future of the relationship between sports and media. Starting off from how verbal retellings played a part in the development of sports broadcasting, this podcast looks at the role that newspapers played and the emergence of radio and television, and the contemporary medium, i.e., OTT with... Continue Reading →

Meet the team – Kaushal S M R

My favourite quote – well… I don't remember it, but I’m sure I have one. I'm an ardent fan of football; football in India to be particular. I've been working in the Indian footballing circuit for the last two years whilst doing my undergrad in Journalism and Mass Communication (BA). I started off as a... Continue Reading →

Social Media in Sport – Audio Podcast

In this audio podcast we analyse how social media is used within sport. The use of social media in the sporting arena has become prevalent in recent times. This podcast will discuss the relevance of social media to the fans, its instant content and the benefits to the organisation and fans. Hope you enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Podcast Two – Avenues for New Sports Media

In my Second Podcast, I discuss what are the potential avenues which new media could explore, and discuss the new trends which may arise over the next coming years. Please click on the link below to access the Podcast.

Analysis of Traditional Media in Football

Media has always been an important part of the growth of sports. Older forms of media were useful to the spread of local sports and helped created a community within the local area. These old forms of media have helped form the current media outlets that we see and use today. This is a podcast... Continue Reading →

Youtube Video and Podcast about Social Media, Algorithms, Gender Inequality and how it all connects with sports.

Below you'll be able to watch my audio podcast about gender inequalities in sports through social media. For this podcast I interviewed a volunteer whose identity will be kept anonymous, for privacy reasons, but feel free to try and answer the questions I am making to the participant on your own time as well. *Challenge... Continue Reading →

The Digital Revolution: Is it a Disruption or an Augmentation of the Sports Industry?

The fourth blog of this series investigates the damage of the digital revolution on the sports industry, however it will highlight all the positives as to why we're moving in that direction.

The Rise of Social Media Influencers and E-sports: Will they bring in New Audiences?

The fifth blog of this series highlights the influence of new media in gaining new audiences in football.

Digital Media – Algorithms and have sports fans lost control of their engagement rate?

Plenty of you might have heard of the term "algorithm" or "storing data" but still be unsure of what it actually means and how it works. Firstly, it is important to mention that algorithms are a recent phenomenon due to the change in media platforms for the past 20 years. Digital media is now part... Continue Reading →

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