The Project

The Purpose

The idea for this collective blog between myself and students taking the Media and Digital Transformations module is for it to become a place where people interested in the digitalisation of sport can congregate and exchange ideas.

Sport as a ubiquitous element of our cultural life can be said to be the laboratory where novel digital transformations are experimented and experienced on a fast changing pace.

Understanding the ways sport are disrupted by media and digital transformations allow us to shed light on broader changes in our society and ways of living. In the same vein, understanding how sports become agent of disruption empowers us to think how the future might unfold.

To certain extent, sport is the most serious of our mundane passions!

Dr Renan Petersen-Wagner

“Sport provides us the window for glimpsing through the fog of digital revolution”

Renan Petersen-Wagner

* the ideas contained in blog posts are sole responsibility of their authors. It does not reflect and represent in any shape or form ideas from the curator and/or my employer

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