The unknown! A discussion about virtual reality and the world of Esports

The penultimate interaction of this 6 part series in which myself and fellow sports marketing masters student, Jack Prentice, will be discussing the growth of Esports accompanied with an evaluation of the lastest IT craze, virtual reality, or VR as it is more commonly known.

As some of you may, or may not know, the latest and rapidly growing industry of Esports is starting to become nearly, if not, as big as the sports we know and love. There is a fine line between whether the world of online gaming can be classed as a true ‘sport’ but it is definitely time to start accept that it is here to stay and will continue to grow. In the third blog of this series I talk about how traditional and ‘new’ media have converged to create a digital media ecosystem, however, what Jack and I discuss in the audio podcast below is how we fear that we might see a displacement of ‘new’ media and this rise of new media platforms 2.0, unlike the convergence theory discussed in said blog.

The global pandemic, COVID-19, had a major impact on our sports, with various live events and tournaments being postponed or cancelled, the virtual gaming world is an industry that really excelled. With everyone being locked in their home, Esports and gaming allowed for consumers to immerse themselves in the a different type of reality. Take a listen for a deeper analysis into the world of Esports and virtual reality!

What do you think about the growth of virtual reality and can Eports really be classed as a sport? Let me know in the comments section down below!

NEXT: The final engagement in our digital transformation series will be a video podcast in which I will be discussing the implication of the digital media ecology and how it has affected gambling in the sport industry.


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