Can someone have a worthwhile career in eSports?

eSports has been seeing rapid growth in the past few years. According to a study by Brown et al. (2018), the evolution of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and the vision that the intellects have been aspiring up to Web 5.0 has truly influenced what we see today in the field of eSports. The world’s first known video gaming tournament was said to be conducted in the year 1972, and Brown et al. (2018) state that a quake competition in 1997 possibly marks the first ‘online’ video gaming tournament. And moving forward, the 2000s saw a great increase in people’s involvement with the notion of eSports.

A few examples would include the formation of the Korean eSports Association in 2000, the Evolution Championship Series 2004 in California, the German GIGA Television and the UK’s XLEAGUE.TV that was giving coverage to eSports, and so on. However, it was during the 2010s that the eSports sector saw an increase in its revenue stream. There are studies proving that the eSports industry’s revenue stream is quite diverse, ranging from more conventional models (such as streaming, broadcasting rights, merchandise, sponsorship, etc.) to more specialised models (video game sales, in-game microtransactions, and crowdsourced prize pools).

As is the case in any and all sectors, the discipline of eSports also comes with a really big competition. The most famous online streamer on Twitch, Ninja (Richard Blevins), is said to be earning approximately £4.9 million in a year. The most famous female online streamer, Pokimane (Imane Anys), is said to be earning approximately £340,000 a year. Over this, streamers may get income from participating in competitive events. According to a study by JD Sports, the average prize pool of a tournament in the year 2018 was approximately £36000.

According to the findings by Statista, the eSports market revenue worldwide in 2022 was $1384 million and is projected to increase to $1866.2 million by 2025.

With enthusiasm, commitment, and a tonne of effort, anyone can develop their gaming talents to a professional level, but it is not an easy profession that everyone can succeed in right away. A pro gamer must undergo extensive, time-consuming practice and training. It includes aspects like strategy, analysis, and in-depth game knowledge. Becoming a professional gamer requires a lot of effort, but one can definitely make a career out of it.

It is safe to assume that, moving forward, there will definitely be more eSport events held, more eAthletes will be on the rise, the coverage for the same and the viewership will increase, the revenue in the sector will increase as more investments will flow in, and the technology available to exploit for the same will also improve tremendously.

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