MDT: Video and Audio Podcast

MDT Video Podcast: eSports in a Newer Media Ecology

This video blog aims to explore the rise of eSports in a newer media ecology through looking at the 1st and 2nd of the 5 insights outlined by Andy Miah, the expansion of what counts as sport and physical activity; and the rise of eSports. The video blog begins by explaining what eSports actually are in regards to its origins, the current eSports market and the forecasted growth, and what differentiates it from gaming in general.

The video blog then questions if eSports can genuinely be considered a sport in regards to the notion of competition/excellence and the need for specialist equipment and a minimum skill set in order to compete at the highest level, with the video ending by looking to the future and the role that eSports will play and questions whether it will ever compete with traditional sports, such as football, rugby and cricket.

MDT Audio Podcast: The Role of AR/VR

The audio podcast focuses on the 3rd and 4th elements of the 5 insights for the future outlined by Andy Miah, the expansion of the activities in the realm of AR/VR and how AR/VR are changing the ways in which fans are engaging with their sporting interests. The podcast begins by explaining the addition of augmented and virtual reality into sports, with focus on football, and how the consumer is provided with an enhanced experience through these additions.

The podcast then goes on to look at articles by Audoux and Overstreet, and assesses how the additions of VR into the NBA has impacted the experiences of the consumer, then finishing with my predictions of the role that AR/VR will have in the future of the sport industry, with consideration to the possible limitations of the impact that AR/VR will without losing the essence of what sport consumption is.


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